Command and Control Center

Fibernet provides complete, end-to-end multimedia solutions: KVM, OVIP, and AV OVIP.
We provide the hardware and software components as a complete condensed system with all its features and components – a huge advantage that gives our customers full control over all possible settings of the system, along with full support and immediate troubleshooting granting a smooth workflow.
Fibernet is at the forefront of technology, our top priority is maintaining an advanced technological front that is expressed, among other things, in research and user interface development that provides meaningful user experience and maximizes system capabilities to allow countless easy and convenient operations and settings for both end-user and configurator. Our unique solutions enable:
Flexibility –  allows expansion to an unlimited number of end devices
User-friendly interface – minimal latency, easy and convenient user management as well as multiple permissions
Application in an external/local network and combinations between them
Global control – You can connect from anywhere
Secure or unsecured configuration
Supports H.264 \ 5 video protocols, jped2000
High resolution up to 4k

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