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Fibernet » Products » High Density Solutions» STAR400 High Density Modular ODF

STAR400 High Density Modular ODF

The STAR400 high density pre-terminated MTP® 8-Fibers modules enable rapid deployment and are designed to provide quick and easy management of Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs) of High-density patch cords and MTP® horizontal cabling and backbone connections in Data Centers.
The STAR400 features 8 fibers configuration. Latest technology developments show that platforms using base-8 fiber count configurations feature maximum utilization of fibers and form the optimal platform for migration to a wide range of bit rates up to 400G.

STAR400 Panels

The STAR400 fiber-optic distribution frame is a high-performance, compact housing assembly, built in stacked trays of 6 modules each. This solution applies a simple sliding-tray system that makes the modules as quick and easy to handle as intuitive plug-in components.


STAR400 Modules

STAR400 Modules are designed to consistently deliver the connectivity required in the most demanding
environments. The modules fit into the sliding-tray system, with easy plug-in installation and easy pull-out access for MAC servicing. STAR400 modules can accommodate either MTP® to 4 LC Duplex adapters (MTP®-LC Module) or MTP® adapters in various combinations.


STAR400 Cables

These cutting-edge MTP® cables are bend-insensitive and pre-terminated with MTP® Elite connectors, which offer 6 times the density of LC Duplex connectors. The cables include strain tool-less relief clips for quick cable mounting onto STAR products.

STAR Patch Cords are designed to deliver maximum connectivity performance in a minimal space.


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