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Fibernet » Products » High Density Solutions» STAR High Density Modular Solution

STAR High Density Modular Solution

STAR is a cost-effective modular solution that harnesses ultra-high density pre-terminated fiber-optic cabling to answer key data center operability challenges.

STAR delivers high density connection in modules that allow faster handling of Moves, Adds and Changes.


The STAR Fiber-Optic Distribution Frame is a high-performance, compact housing assembly,
built in stacked trays of 4 modules each. This Fibernet solution applies a brilliantly simple slidingtray
system that makes the modules as quick and easy to handle as intuitive plug-in components.


STAR Modules are designed to consistently deliver the connectivity required in the most demanding environments.
The modules fit into the sliding-tray system, with easy plug-in installation and easy pull-out access for MAC servicing. STAR modules can accommodate either MTP® to 6 LC Duplex adapters (MTP®-LC Module) or MTP® adapters in various combinations.

Cables & Bundles

The pre-terminated bend-insensitive MTP® cables based on MTP® Elite connectors with connection Insertion Loss of 0.25 dB (0.1 dB typical max 0.35 dB Max)
For any type of High-Density and High performance required application be needed

STAR Patch Cords are designed to deliver maximum connectivity performance in a minimal space.

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