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Fibernet » Products » Fiber Enclosures (ODF)» STAR High Density Modular ODF

STAR High Density Modular ODF

Fibernet is proud to introduce the new STAR series, our flagship line of superior Data Center
connectivity solutions. STAR is a cost-effective modular product that harnesses ultra-high
density pre-terminated fiber-optic cabling to answer key Data Center operability challenges.
STAR delivers high-density connection in modules that allow faster handling of Moves, Adds
and changes (MACs), effortless access to adapter/connector, built-in cabling management, and
smaller space requirements compared to other advanced fiber-optic cabling systems.


The STAR Fiber-Optic Distribution Frame is a high-performance, compact housing assembly,
built in stacked trays of 4 modules each. This Fibernet solution applies a brilliantly simple slidingtray
system that makes the modules as quick and easy to handle as intuitive plug-in components.


Fibernet has designed these high-density Data Center Modules to consistently deliver the
connectivity required in the most demanding environments. Like the rest of the STAR series,
this component fits into the ingenious sliding-tray system, with easy plug-in installation and easy
pull-out access for MAC servicing. The versatile adapters include built-in shutters which keep
away dust (the main cause of declining performance) and protect users from laser exposure.
The STAR modules can accommodate either 1 MTP- 6 LC Duplex adapters or 4 MTP adapters

Cables & Bundles

Fibernet premium quality MTP cables comprise of Bend-Insensitive multi-fiber cables and lowloss
MTP connectors, providing best in class connectivity solution for data center high-density

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