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Fibernet » Products » Multimedia & Cyber Solutions» Cyber Solutions » FiberBlocker-Secure 4K HDMI Extender
FiberBlocker-Secure 4K HDMI Extender

FiberBlocker-Secure 4K HDMI Extender


In today’s Plug & Play reality, PC-to-Monitor, PC-to-TV and PC-to-Projector communication is not just a unidirectional video stream. There is also a return path called “Enhanced Display Data Channel” (E-DDC), which is used, among others, as display identification and capability determination (EDID), controlling of display properties (for example changing the contrast). It is possible for cyber-attackers to use this return channel or even the forward channel for host PC penetration. For example, attacker computer can inject malware into a conference-room projector and later this malware can infect other computers that will connect to that same projector. This malware can be used to steal information (by storing the stolen data inside this infected projector to be retrieved by the attacker later), or to simply damage data and operation. Newer versions of HDMI standard include even more functionality (CEC, HEC, etc.) for remote access, which represent obvious security risks by definition.
Fibernet's FiberBlocker series product prevents the possibility of these attacks by applying different techniques, including physical disconnection of traffic from the sink side and forcing unidirectional (diode) Video transmission from the Source side.
Fibernet's FiberBlocker  Extender targets high level secured environment by utilizing separate source and sink units separated by optical fiber while supporting 4K resolution. Such separation assures total galvanic isolation between the sink and source sides, including power supplies.
In addition to "Diode" functionality, the units act as fiber-optic extender allowing connectivity for remote sites by use of pluggable SFP. This approach allows high level of flexibility in matching to existing fiber-optic infrastructure and needed transport distances.


  • Non-compressed physical layer unidirectional HDMI video and embedded audio transmission.
  • High-resolution video support: up to 4K
  • Optical and galvanic separation
  • Separate units with power supplies for "Sink" and "Source" sides
  • Single fiber operation
  • Simple EDID setup
  • Remote connectivity with SFP dependent distances
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