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Fibernet » Products » Harsh Environment» Tactical Connectors » OCC COTS M83526 8-12 CH Connector Family (TFOCA)
OCC COTS M83526 8-12 CH Connector Family (TFOCA)

OCC COTS M83526 8-12 CH Connector Family (TFOCA)

Available in either 4 or 12 channel shell sizes (2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 CH options), this family of tactical fiber optic connectors also features specifications for a wide variety of harsh environment companion receptacles including Internal Jam-Nut, External Jam-Nut, and Flange Mount receptacles as well as similar companion configurations with Integrated Strain Relief systems.

Features & Benefits

  • The M83526 is interoperable, inter-mateable in accordance with the reitred MIL-PRF-83526/16, /17 interface specification which makes it backward compatible with most fielded M83526 4 CH and 12 CH connectors and essentially using the same assembly procedures and tools.
  • Field Convertible Hermaphroditic Plug allows Plug-to-Plug assembly on a reel to be instantly provisioned for male (daisy chain) or female connectivity.
  • The Field Convertable Hermaphroditic Dust Plug Cap is instantly provisioned with mating dust cap to allow dust cap coupling.
  • Ceramic Split Sleeves are retained within the Insert Cap, preventing sleeves becoming misplaced during maintenance routines.
  • Enhanced Kevlar Retention System supports 400 lb. cable retention without degradation of optical signal.
  • Sealed Termini Design for 4 CH, 6 CH, 12 CH, and 24 CH Systems utilize Sealing, Environmental Resistance to meet IP-68 requirements.
  • COTS-83526 Integrated "Push-Pull" system allowes operators to easily terminate COTS-83526 Plugs and Receptacles in an efficient, non-complex format.
  • Dry Film Thread Lubrication extends life of mating threads, self-lubricating through repeated mating cycles.


• Mobile Emergency Telecommunications Stations
• Mobile Tactical Shelters
• United States Army, Navy, and Marine Corps military tactical deployments
• Deployable Trailers for Federal Emergency Management Agency
• Homeland Security Applications

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