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Harsh Environments

Systems deployed in field conditions or in harsh environments should be specially treated to withstand extreme conditions such as high or low temperatures, corrosive humidity, or excessive dust and dirt. Manufacturers, integrators, and users require specially designed fiber-optic and electronic solutions that can withstand extreme conditions and conform to the highest quality standards.

Fibernet offers a proven track record in developing and manufacturing components for critical systems that function as expected over time. Our team of experts carefully studies each customer’s specific requirements, taking into account how the product will be used within the complete system to ensure seamless integration.

Solutions provided by Fibernet include deployable reels, patch cords, tactical cables, tactical systems, ruggedized RFI/EMI shielding, ruggerized enclosures, Rotary joints and custom-designed assemblies. All products undergo rigorous testing using the latest technology. Fibernet also provides maintenance and support services to ensure these critical systems are online whenever they are needed.

By working with Fibernet our customers gain access to a large body of engineering knowledge and experience that allows them to create and deploy innovative systems with the complete confidence that they will operate at maximum performance in any place, at any time. 

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