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Control Centers & Multimedia

Control centers are the heart and brain of every operation, tasked with monitoring and controlling activities conducted in multiple locations on an ongoing basis. Today, they form an integral part of business in various sectors including defense, public transport, utilities, telecom and many more.
In order to supervise numerous activities, control centers utilize the latest display and monitoring technology, control panels, uninterrupted communications links and a comfortable working environment. Fibernet provides a cutting-edge solution including a wide range of fiber-optic solutions, such as converters, optical switches, active cables and more, as well as specially designed furnishings for control stations.
Fibernet offers significant benefits for control center owners, among them Multimedia solutions, such as MATRIX, Convertors, Decoders & Encoders, converters, optical switches, active cables and more.
Short delivery times in addition to an outstanding maintenance and support service and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction.
Building on its position as a technology market leader, Fibernet prides itself on its accessible and flexible service, which delivers a high value to the customer without compromising on quality.

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